Thursday, 1 October 2009

Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

This hotel is my favourite on the Las Vegas strip, and considering that there are some extremely impressive and unique buildings along the strip there must have something special about it. I think the reason why it stood out was its effortless style. It is different to all of the over the top extravagant themed hotels that dominate the sky line. The gracious curves are very simple but offer so much to the eye. These key aesthetical features are what attracted me to it. This is another building that encouraged me to look more into design, making it important to me in my initial steps of finding what I wanted to do in my future. This is not a small building either and it proves that size does not always detract attention from aesthetical qualities. Also how a relatively simple design can be as impressive if not more impressive than a complex design. The completely coloured mirrored glass that covers the structure also shows how the single use of a material can make a big statement - and with the Nevada sun nearly all year round it is a clever choice.

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