Thursday, 8 October 2009

Ali G Indahouse

This is one of my favourite films, not because of brilliant lighting or anything to do with how it was filmed technically, because I am aware that it is lacking. It is the sheer fun of the film and how it can entertain you over and over. It is not to some peoples taste but this film always makes me walk away with a massive smile. The character Ali G is something that I have always seen as genius, because when he was created it was ahead of its time and the vision of Sacha Baron Cohen to create him was brilliant. The attitude of Ali G and the persona that is given is all very cleverly done and has boosted Sacha into stardom. The film will always be a favourite of mine and allows me to relax and not have to think about deeper meanings. It is a tool for relaxation and enjoyment, which makes it an important film to me.

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