Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bahrain World Trade Centre

This is a new building that I encountered on my travels that made an instant impact as soon as I first saw it. Sails and the sailing tradition of the Arab nations have influenced it like so many new buildings in the Arab countries. It consists of two towers that are linked at the bottom of the structure, with an entrance that follows a similar theme. Both towers work in unison arcing upwards to a central point, never meeting but when looking at it you make the connection in your head. The use of material works extremely well also and the building all comes together to be a very aesthetical and impressive building. The key feature that caught my attention was the engineering aspect, because the design incorporated three wind turbines that help to power the building. I had never witnessed wind turbines on a building and it made me see a whole new range of possibilities. The vision and ability to incorporate the turbines shows why creativity is so impressive and inspirational.

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