Monday, 5 October 2009

Drugs advert – big eyes

This is an interesting idea that the government have pursued, I was not aware of the ad until my dad told me about it. It was a few days before I viewed it in a bar, so I could not hear the narrator over the noise of the place. But I understood what the ad was about and felt that it was a subject that had not been addressed properly in recent times. I understand why they are now campaigning against driving whilst under the influence of drugs as there is an increased amount of drug taking in the country. Also just addressing the subject would have been important even if the amount of people taking drugs didn’t increase. I did feel that the perception of the ad, implying that everyone in the car had taken drugs was a little strange as not all young people take drugs. Thinking about it the reason with why they made everyone in the car wide eyed was to provide maximum impact.

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