Thursday, 1 October 2009

Chrysler building

This building is one of the reasons why I first looked into becoming a designer, so I have always felt this to be a major influence and a special building. There are many skyscrapers around the world all having different attributes. I do not dispute this is just my preference but the inspiration that it gave me is unique. The top of the Chrysler building is the most iconic and memorable feature of the building, with the arching sections getting small to create the point at the stop of the building. This contrasts with the bottom of the building where the form is much squarer and does not offer anything to interesting apart from the staged decrease in size to the central tower. Combining straight edges and curved edges at the top add an intriguing spectacle that everyone can appreciate. It offers a solid base that symbolises stability and the more creative curved edges show that unique and original qualities are as important. Also the gothic influenced gargoyles add a different aspect and feature, as they are not generally regarded in the same way as they used to be centuries ago.

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