Monday, 5 October 2009


One of my favourite films of recent years, that has come from one of the best graphic novels of all time. The story is set around the cold war era, in an alternative universe, which has many similarities to our current world but with the exception of costume heroes and Dr Manhattan. The film follows how these retired costume heroes who used to fight crime are being murdered, which unfolds a greater plan that will result in the safety of the world. I had read the graphic novel before watching the film so I was aware of the story line, but the way that it was filmed was very powerful and made it a very inviting film. The brutality that is evident in the novel was portrayed well and the style of the film matched the dark qualities of the novel. In my opinion it is a must see film, I understand it will not be to everyones tastes but with the current superhero popularity in films I feel that most would enjoy it. Another aspect of the film that is a success is the music that is used which enhances the film and any music lover will enjoy the diversity and quality of the tracks. This film gave me the experience that you want when you are watching and leaving the cinema, as you find yourself involved in the film. Questioning meanings and trying to understand and solve what is happening. As I have said it is one of my favourite films and I recommend people to watch it.

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